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International Baccalaureate Program


September 30th - Fall Meeting 7pm in the Auditorium

     By-Laws Update

     Seniors - IB Exam Schedule and Sr. Celebration

     Sophomores- HL or SL?

     Juniors - College & scholarship Information,  Junior Pinning

     Freshman - CAS Hours

November 1st - Burdines Community Event 8 -10 am Countryside Mall

The tickets cost ~5.00 each. Burdines matches the $5.00 for each ticket turned in to the cosmetics department that day. (Purchase not necessary) Thus each ticket is worth $10 to the Booster Club.

These monies will be earmarked for new computer equipment to replace the current antiquated materials used by the I.B. staff. This will directly affect your students in their classrooms.

December 11th & March l7th  - Teacher Luncheons

April 15th - Coffee House in the Cafeteria (New Date)

I B students performing for other IB students.  Our talented students will amaze you with their versatility and range.

It is a great night to unwind and enjoy the entertainment. Parents are welcome to attend and are encouraged to strut their stuff and perform.

April 29th - Junior Pinning Ceremony - 7pm in the Auditorium (New Date)

This formal academic acceptance into the IB program recognizes the hard work and efforts of the members of the junior class.

May l5th - Senior Celebration (New Date)

This is our IB graduation. It is the only forum in which our students' efforts are recognized and applauded. It is an enchanted evening, which includes a formal program, dinner, and culminates in a dance for the graduating seniors. Photographers are available for formal family photos.

The entire class is presented to their friends and relatives.

IB Executive Board meetings are held at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (except in November) in the Principal's Conference Room - Everyone is welcome to attend. (Entrance is through the Community School) (New Location)

8/12/03, 9/9/03, 10/14/03, 11/10/03((Mon.), 12/9/03, 1/13/04, 2/10/04, 3/9/04, 4/13/04, 5/11/04

IB Executive Board MembersCarole Cosenza - President

Karen Lo - Vice President

Cindy Venker - Treasurer

Kim Trocin - Recording Secretary

June Hagman - Corresponding Secretary

Nona Reppy - P'TSA Liaison

Marianne Calabrese & Joy Sikorski - Membership

Mrs. Wilkerson & Mrs. Licht - Hospitality

Jane Melton - Programs

Mrs. Livingston - Senior Celebration Chairperson

Mrs. Schreck - merchandise chairperson

Please send booster club dues or donations to Carol Laxton, IB secretary, or bring to the fall meeting.

Carol Laxton
Palm Harbor University High School
1900 Omaha Street
Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________
Student Name & Grade: _________________________________
Address: __________________________________
City: ______________________________________